The rules and make your application

Do you want to buy sportswear and/or sports equipment, but you don’t have enough money? PVS can help you with that! Below are all the steps to apply the right way. 

Step 1: Read the rules to see if  our child is eligible for PVS 
Step 2: Think carefully about which store you want to purchase the attributes from. This cannot be changed after approval 
Step 3: Make the application 
Step 4: When the application is approved you will receive the voucher in your mail 
Step 5: Go to the specified store and report at the cash desk. The staff will help you 
Step 6: Choose the specified attributes and exchange the voucher at the cash desk  
Step 7: Enjoy doing sports!

If an application is not filled in completely, it may be rejected. So try to fill the form as clearly as possible. This way you will make it easier for both yourself and the fund. 

Please note that communication after submitting your application will be in Dutch.

Your child

  • Is between the ages of 4 and 18
  • Has an U-pas
  • Lives in the municipality of Utrecht
  • Is a member of a sports club affiliated with the U-pas

The request

  • Has a maximum of €75 per application for a sports club and a maximum of €35 per application for swimwear.
  • An application can be approved for the child once every 365 days (example: application made on October 1, 2019, then you may submit a new application onOctober 1, 2020)
  • Take a good look at which store you want to apply for. This cannot be changed after approval
  • Submit your proof of registration by the sports club in the appendix. This is, for example, a confirmation e-mail from the club or the debit of the contribution from the U-pas
  • The applicant is 16 years or older or has permission from a legal parent/guardian to apply
  • Only complete and correctly completed applications can be processed
  • We willrespond within 3 weeks and you will hear whether the application has been approved

The voucher

  • The amount of the voucher is in addition to the U-pas balance. Nothing will be deducted from the U-pas.
  • The voucher is valid for two months
  • The voucher can only be redeemed at the store indicated


  • Examples for sports attributes are: sports shoes, kits (clothing), sticks, rackets, shin guards, head protectors such as helmets/water polo caps, bits. What is NOT meant by a sports attributes are, for example: items owned by the sports provider itself such as balls and mats; drinking bottles/bidons, (back and sports) bags, riding brushes
  • When applying for swimming lessons, only swimwear can be approved
  • No money will be distributed to the applicant
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